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Welcome to my online

Allegretto rose to the occasion ~ an absolute joy to have him sharp & up for a show!  Thank you Luke for giving us a glimpse of a superstar in the making & a huge thank you to Maralyn for allowing us all to enjoy him & to Jane for making him glow.


Thank you 'Caroline' ~ so much of this is your story
A big thank you Luke for your generosity and trust ~ allowing a long planned body of art work to take over your fabulous work space for a weekend

On the back of the concertina structure all 6 VOLUMES are shown along with framed
original pencil drawings from each publication

VOLUME 1  "Birth of the Moon"
VOLUME 2  "The Rising Sun"

To all those special invisible people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes ~ you raised me up ~ this show is yours too.    

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