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An original pencil drawing for VOLUME 1 ~ "Birth of the Moon"

Framed acrylic with mount ~ grey ~ 36 x 27 cms

60. "00 Semen"

  • I went to a "Best of British" stallion show.   I'd never been to one before and it was brilliant!  I was amazed by the sheer tension in the air.  Over a 100 stallions separated by thin boarded up partitions to avoid all contact with the neighbouring stablemates, groomed to their finest, edgy, a mass of testosterone filling the air.  Bringing a receptive mare to the party would have created all out war.  That aside, and as a newbie/idiot onlooker I was fascinated and then amused by the enormous amount of semen on offer for sale, discussed, sold and shipped and won if my ticket was drawn on the night.  I could have returned home, the proud owner of around £1000 of quality equine semen.  I loved that, it amused me and that's how the little bit of "007" humour showed up on this page.

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