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Horse muzzle with snaffle bit

Over the years under the banner of “artist” NICOLA TOMS I've made and continued to make a concerted effort to stay focused, avoiding endless wonderful distractions.  This has to be key or how would I, could I complete anything?  At present life doesn’t feel long enough to scratch the surface.  I commit to personal projects, seeing them through before delving deep into the next which allows freedom to explore and commit again.

I’ve sculpted for the past +20 years, consistently sketching & drawing in the background. It’s how I started all that time ago, showing a number of drawings alongside my sculptures when exhibiting. In October 2023 I completed a large body of work 6 years in the making, an exploration and here it is titled:

'Freedom to Create'

James Huntington-Whiteley
October 2023

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